One last weekend? - 08/09/13

After an unusually wet summer on the Forgotten Coast, things will start to settle down. With most area schools starting back this week and next week, the beaches will be quiet. We are still drying off this week from all the rain of last month and I am happy to report that most of our waterways are clearing up. Our weekend looks to be OK with only a 20 to 30 percent chance of rain and HI’s around the 90-degree mark, making for a scorching weekend.

Inshore action is still hit or miss right now as the waters try and return to a stable clarity, but with so much boat traffic in our waters due to scallop season, in some spots it is still tea colored. This will be the case for the next few weeks, but as most families deal with school issues, the scalloping will decrease. It has been a good summer even though we had so much rain. I can’t remember a summer that was this wet, but after talking to some old timers, they said the summer of ’83. We have had a great flounder fishery the past few weeks and no one really knows why. The water temperature is still near 85 degrees for the better part of the flats and just a few degrees off in certain parts, so we know that the flounder are not on the move yet. As cycles go, this one had been good. Gigging or fishing will produce great catches this week with little chances of rain, and as the waters settle down it will get even better. Eagle Harbor, Windmark Beach, The miles, and St. Vincent Island are all good spots to start looking for flounder this weekend. I have seen plenty of fish coming from these spots the last few weeks. Trout and red fish catches are also good in these spots as well. Get out on the water as early as you can and before the sun heats the water up and your cooler should look better at the end of the day.

Scalloping in St. Joe Bay is still pretty good right now. I went out this past weekend and found there was shells every place we went. I haven’t head from to many people that they couldn’t find any, so our count is still holding good. I will say that most of the shells are in the taller turtle grass and some are even in the buried in the sand this year. I have seen lots of shells with moss and silt growing on them, and for this time of year, that is odd to me. Most of the shells with “growth” on them are older scallops and usually deep in the bay. After training your eye what to look for, it will be easy to find your limit. I like that area south of Black’s Island and close to the Pig Island channel. This water is not deep and most time you don’t need a snorkel. Most of the really big shells are in 8 to 10 feet of water, but I have found some in 3 feet as well. Diving down is a young man or woman’s sport and I do not recommend it for long. Bring plenty of water because it is HOT!

Offshore we picked up speed with the reopener of amber jack and triggerfish to our region again. This is great right now with extra fish being caught makes for a great long-range trip. It would be better if they just left it alone thru the summer so that more anglers could enjoy it, but never the less I ma glad to have it back. Take into consideration that gag grouper is in full swing and we have a chance at great offshore fishing. Most AJ’s are in the 100 feet range but will be suspended between 20 to 50 feet in the water column. Live blue runners will prove to be the best baits, but butterfly jigs and flats sided jigs will also get some attention. Most grouper action is in 150 to 225 feet this week. Due south from the Cape or S/SW about 40 miles to get into hard bottom will prove the best areas right now. Most of the water to the east of our region is closed to gag grouper, so I don’t report on that right now. We are seeing good fish right now, so if you can break away, this weekend should be a sleeper!

Capt. Brent Romiti

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