Mid April - 04/22/15

As we roll right through April, our conditions seem to be better than this time last year. We have had our share of rain and cold snaps, however, I think the heat is here to stay now. Last weekend was a flop for offshore fishing as the rain and seas were building all weekend. We should have a better weekend this week, although, the winds and seas are predicted to be rough so far, but it can change at any time between now and then.

Inshore fishing has really improved now that most of our bay waters are over the 70* mark now. A few spots are holding a slight cooler water, but all that will change if the sun stays out for a few days this week. We should see the water temps continue to climb this month and of course as the spring turns to summer. Most action for bay fishing is a mixed bag. We are seeing very good red fish in Apalachicola and over to Dog Island. I have had several good reports from that area this week and I'm glad for the reports. We have so much water to cover in our region that it is hard to keep up all the way down the Keaton beach. Many anglers are catching loads of white trout or what some call "ground mullet" on the east side and the middle grounds of Apalachicola and into the passes. Dry Bar and into Indian Pass is also another hot spot for inshore species such as trout and reds. Huge numbers of pompano are being caught on St. George Island and into and around Sikes Cut. Most anglers are using peeled shrimp tipped on a small jig with great success, however, a small piece of FishBites on a two hood pompano rig will yield result as well. Pompano run in schools, so most of the time if you catch one, there is another there also. Most of the barrier islands in our waters are all producing good pompano bites now, so now is the time for a good pompano story.

Offshore action is heating up as most of the pelagics are returning to our waters in good numbers. Spanish mackerel have grown to nearly king fish size in one month and now are running good parallel to the beaches in about 15 ft of water. I had very good success with "bump trolling" silver spoons and mackerel rigs. Most of the schoolie size fish are now about a pound or more, so we are seeing better fish. A good report from west of our waters has anglers catching kingfish already. It is a little early for kings, however, when the bait is here, then so are they. If we can keep our bait near shore for a while, we should have a great king fish season this year. By mid-June we will know how thick they are this year. Cobia are still the main focus for many anglers right now. We are seeing good fish when the sun comes out, although that has been hit or miss lately. We should have a decent run left for the rest of April while the waters are still somewhat cool. Cobia will mate soon and then we will catch them while bottom fishing or slow trolling reefs and wreck until late summer. I have not seen anything over the 70* mark so far this year so that means we still have time to land a trophy!

As I mentioned before, the conditions are ripe for the taking, we just need some solid weather to take advantage of the sprin time fishery! Get out on the water!!

Capt. Brent Romiti

Bluewater Outriggers


Miss Judy Charters



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