May - 05/13/15

As we enter into the second full week of May, conditions on the Forgotten coast have been scorching! It seems we went strait from winter to summer in about a month. We are going to get some relief this week as a cold front moves through our area in a few days , making the outside temperatures drop to the high 80's. This early heat spell has delivered a major storm and to my knowledge, the fist major storm in May since we started keeping records.

   Our water has heated up very well to a toasty 85* plus this week in the bays and shallows of our region. This is good for shallow water or flats fishing in general because the fish are more aggressive and usually less spooky. We have seen a good return to our trout fisheries in most of our regional bays and flat water zones. Until recently we were watching huge schools of bait fish dominate our waters, making for a good start to the inshore season. As a result to the hot water, most of the bait ball are moving deeper to find cooler water and are not so easily spotted on the surface. We should see good schools of red fish and trout following close to the bait, so watch for the birds working the bait. Red fish are growing to a good slot-sized average by now and a few bigger bulls are still being caught in deep water offshore and in the major passes. Cut bait, cut mullet, whole croakers and pin fish are all good red fish baits if your looking for a bull, but keep your baits on the smaller size for the legal ones in the bays. Top water action is on fire now as the water temperature has risen above 75*. Early morning sight casting will be a hot topic for many anglers this week and for a while. If you have never caught a trout or red fish on a top water plug, you are missing out on a amazing fight! We should see our top water action stay true for several weeks to come and I think it is about the peak for this style of fishing right now.

Offshore action is about to be ready as the 2015 red snapper season will soon get under way. We are going to have 70 days in state waters this year with the weekends being included in those days starting in September and going through the end of October. This is a major victory for red snapper anglers over the past few years in state waters. I can't say that the feds were so gracious only offering up 11 days to the recreational anglers offshore and 45 days for the "For Hire" boats. This has put split in the ranks and now many are protesting this decision by feds and it is very controversial. Never the less, we will have a good season as most all the wrecks and reefs are loaded down with great snapper. I have had the opportunity to do some scouting over the past few weeks and my predictions are looking good. Most of the cobia have gone down deeper and are now holding over structure in 100-125 ft of water in our region. You still have a chance to land a monster as they are very curious and will come investigate your boat from time to time, so be ready.

Summer is almost here and most are schools will be letting out soon, so get ready and get out on the water!

Capt. Brent Romiti

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