September - 09/10/14

September 5-7

Finally we are into the last few official days of the 2014 summer season. I am excited about this because this means that fall weather is only short time away. We have had a very hot summer this year and the water temperatures are still somewhat higher than normal for this time right now. With some rain and a cool front, we should start to get into the fall season before long.

We are starting to see large amounts of red fish in our region and down the coast all the way to Dog Island. I had the opportunity this week to get all the way over to Cedar Key and talk with several Capt.’s along the way. Most for hire guys are starting to book up for the next few weeks and they are seeing good fish along the coast. With good clear water and plenty of fish, we are looking good for the fall. Red fish in our area are moving very well ,and I have seen good numbers in the schools just offshore and into the head of the bays. Most of the fish look like slot-sized fish with some over the limit for sure. Apalachicola always has good red fish and they usually lead the way for reports and info, so I will keep us in the know as the season progresses.

In St. Joe Bay this week, most locals are reporting on slow scalloping, but the ones who have found a limit are seeing huge shells. This is always the case as September rolls around and the scallops have the time to mature. Rumors are that we picked up too many small ones early in the season due to the early start date and masses of people in the water all summer long. These decisions that our law makers come up with may not always be the best thing for our fisheries and the long term impact of an open season with no size limits on the scallops only insures shorter seasons down the road and fewer scallops in the future. This is a two sided argument for most people and I stand in the middle, because small towns on the coast depend on tourism and the money generated by scalloping, however, as more mad more people get in on the action, fewer scallops there are to go around in years to come.

Inshore fishing in St. Joe Bay is making some waves with good flounder and a few good trout catches reported this week. Most of the visitors have gone home, leaving our bays wide open again for the fishing. Black’s Island had had very good reports of smaller trout in the “bomb holes” and several good flounder reports have come from this area also. Live shrimp and bull minnows are back in the bays, so we should start seeing bird working and good schools of baitfish for the fall. A few Spanish Mackerel and lady fish are still in the Shark Hole area and a few tarpon are still hanging out as well. Most surf fishing guys are having good reports from St. George Island and Cape San Blas with good whiting And a few trout and red fish mixed in.

Most of the grasses have washed back out from the beaches by now, making for a clean slate to cast from. This surf fishing will only get better as the water cools down and maybe we will see some pompano again before long!

This weekend looks like a good one for just kicking around and maybe flounder fishing in the bays, but with football starting up again, we should have it all to ourselves!

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